15 years of experience in
Bespoke FileMaker Development

FMPro (Mac & Win) + FMGo (iPad & iPhone)
FMWeb (Direct & PHP CWP) + Web (PHP MySQL)

I turn your Project ideas in a PDF Analysis
with an Entity Relational Diagram + Process Description + Drawing of the Interface,
so before to develop the solution everybody will know where we are going.

I work on a basis of 80 Euro per Hour (70 GBP), but I can also make a Quote based on the Analysis.

I like to develop Easy to Use Dummies Proof Interface based
on Nested Portal+ Buttons + Script Triggered;
and I create an minimalist Custom Menu Barwith Edit + WindowS + ModuleS
(quickly jump to one section to another section of the solution) Capabilities but no more !!!

I'm very experienced Remote Worker for all kind of FileMaker Development
through Recorded Phone Call Meeting with Simultaneous Screen Sharing

 Why FileMaker Platform  FileMaker is the easiest and quickest...


Article & TechFile
FM SQLPortal Filter & DynSort on Asy.Com on FileMakerHacks.Com
how to make some portal Filtering in FileMaker Portal using SQL techniques ...

Project Description
Route & Halt App to Calculate a Route with all the Halts on the Highway
Code : ExeSQL GoogleMapS + ExeSQL XML FreshRoute Navigon
HotelSChainS•Biz App to Find an Hotel Chain very Quick OnLine & OffLine
Code : Parse Bulk HTML into each appropriate FieldS
  OnLine Music MP3 Recording & MetaData Parsing
  Histoire Vivante HTML Data Parsing in order to transform 5 HTML Pages in a single PDF
  Hotelier Planning is based on Big Screen 24 Inch & 17 Inch and in nested portal


 Good News Bottled Gas  Gas Bottle Delivery...

 Subud Britain  National Charity...

 Aime Compagnie  Company specializing in Tourism Marketing...

 Antiquités Fouquet  Antique dealer that sells antiques furniture...

Joel Englander ¦ 18 Beckamoor Gardens - Hatherleigh - Okehampton EX20 3FP- United Kingdom - - Mobile & WhatSApp +44 (0) 7492 900 146

As long as I have a KeyPad + Mouse, I do like Mac Book !
But, back at the office, I'd like better to dock !
I like very big desk !
Then I have 3 DisplayS + Ext KeyBoard + Mouse !